CFO On Demand is designed to help the business owner stay focused on growing the company by saving them decision-making time and lessening uncertainty. We provide a financial discipline that supports the company’s existing accounting department - all for a set reasonable, monthly fee.

Go from working IN your business to working ON your business with the help of our CFO services:

Accounting Operations

  • Improve Accounting Processes
  • More Accurate / Timely / Automated Reporting
  • Retrain / Develop Internal Accounting Staff

Financial Data Analysis

  • Identify Customer and Prospect Trends and Business Needs
  • Develop and Maintain Business Analytics combining the Accounting / POS / ERP Systems
  • Generate Customized Dashboards and KPI
  • Utilize the Latest BI Tools

Monthly Business Reviews

  • Facilitate Monthly Business Review Meetings
  • Review Financial Reports, Benchmarks, and Business Analytics
  • Develop Strategic Financial and Business Plans
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Provide Owners & Management with Ongoing Options to Make the Best Operational and Financial Decisions

Other Value-Added Services

  • Bank Financing
  • Accounting/POS/ERP System review
  • Hiring Assistance
  • Outside Service Reviews (Payroll, IT, HR, etc.)
  • Government Loan & Grant Assistance

See why CFO On Demand can be your Secret Weapon to reach increased success for your business.